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Hello. My name is John H. Doe, and you're at johnhdoe.com, the place where I host my blog or weblog or online journal, whichever you prefer. Click my picture, above, to go straight there, or read on, and find out a little more about me.

In short, I am a male Korean American, born in Korea in 1969 right during the moon landing (as a point of fact, my mother was watching it on TV in the hospital just before she had me); went to America when I was 5; grew up in Havertown, Pennsylvania until college; graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University; for the next few years, I worked as a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area; then, I moved to Seoul, Korea and I did a couple things there before moving back to the US, to New York City.

What you have here is YAWL — Yet Another Web Log. I don't claim mine is special in any way, though I have varied interests. I have a new home page, based on what the Great Spirit named me in a dream I had: crowfeather. If you want to see more of what I've done, welcome to it, but I might warn you that this is still a work in progress, and not everything there is fleshed out as much as it could be, nor is all my work locatable from that vantage point, so to speak. I like artificial intelligence and writing poetry, web design and theology. I enjoy working on my projects and also sleeping, both a little too much. So, that's about what you're going to find on this site, pretty much.

If I haven't bored you already, please come in.